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Changes to the NAS System

Changes to the NAS System

by NAS Admin -
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Dear all,

The NAS Training Programme has been undergoing a review and as such has been changed and re-launched at the NAS Conference held on the 21st-22nd November 2015 as the NAS Education Programme. As a result of this, the 'field school days' you need to complete your ELearning Certificate are now called 'Skills Days'.

These 'Skills Days' are broken down into firstly a 'Recorder Day', which covers the practical content of the old 'Introduction Theory Course'. The second 'Skills Day' is the 'Surveyor Day' which covers the practicals in the old 'Part I Theory Course'.

The explanation of the new programme can be found here, as well as how you transition into the new programme.

For a copy of the 2016 timetable please click here and if you wish to book onto any courses please click here for a course booking form.

We do have both foreshore and underwater 'Skills Days' timetabled for next year and we do hope that one of these will be suitable for you all.

If you have any questions please contact the NAS Office.

Kind regards,

The NAS Team