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Please see the frequently asked questions below to help you if you are having problems.

  • ‘What is the NAS ELearning Platform?’

    This site uses a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) called Moodle; an online training system specifically designed for teaching purposes. You should find this site very user friendly and intuitive.

    The very top ‘Home’ button on the left hand side of this site will take you to the NAS website and away from the NAS Moodle page.  
  • ‘Do I have to be really good with technology to use Moodle?’

    No, to use Moodle, you only need basic web browsing skills.

  • ‘What kind of computer do I need?’

    The ELearning lessons work on both Apple Mac and Windows PC. Unfortunately, at the moment the lessons themselves do not work on some tablets or smart phones as they require Flash. However you can access the general Moodle site and the ‘Quick Quizzes’ for the lessons on these devices. Please be aware that you will also need to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (or above), Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome to view the courses and this site at it's best.

  • ‘What about my internet connection?’

    You will need a reasonably good internet connection due to the video clips in some of the lessons. Without a good connection you may find that the videos take a long time to load or may not load at all.

    Please note that the video clips also use your data allowance. If you are on a set allowance from your internet provider please bear this in mind when viewing the lessons.

  • ‘How does the course work?’

    The courses are laid out in sections, with each section containing information. The first section is an introduction to the course and the last is the course Final Assessment and Feedback. In between these sections are the lesson sections. These contain the theory lesson, a quick quiz, video transcripts, handbook reference and further resources.

    You will need to start at the introduction section for that course and work through the subsequent lessons one at a time. Once you have completed the Final Assessment and Feedback, the NAS Head Office will be notified and will contact you via email.

  • ‘How long do I have to complete the course?’

    As we are currently going through a revamp of the ELearning courses you will be given until the 21st February 2016 to complete the theory element of the course and then another year to complete the fieldwork element. If you attend your fieldschool after your year of theory we will give you a weeks worth of to access to the site before your fieldschool so that you can refresh your memory.

  • ‘When and where are the fieldschools?’

    The field schools are listed on the NAS Website in our diary, and are shown on the Moodle Calendar.

  • ‘What kind of software do I need?’

    There are various documents in these courses including Microsoft Excel, and Adobe PDFs. For the Part I course you will need Microsoft Windows to run the Site Recorder software, but this is not a mandatory task.

  • ‘What if I have a question?’

    If you have a question whilst you are working through the course please ask us by using the Course Forum and/or the ‘Message My Tutor’ option on the right hand side of the ‘My Courses’ page.

  • ‘How do I know if I have a message?’

    You will receive an email to your registered email address if someone, such as the Course Tutor, sends you a message. When you login onto the site in ‘My Courses’ you will see a message in the ‘Messages’ block on the right hand side. Click this message to open, read it and respond.

  • ‘How do I use the Forum?’

    The Course Forum is for help and advice and to chat with other participants on the course. We have a Forum for both the Introduction and the Part I course. The Forum can be found under the introduction section for both of these courses.

    If you want to quickly search the Forum you can do so by using the ‘Search forums’ block.

    Any replies to your Forum post will be posted in the Forum and visible to everyone. You will receive an email to your registered email address when someone replies or posts to the forum.

  • ‘How do I stop receiving emails from the Forum?’

    Under ‘Settings’ on the left hand side select ‘My profile settings’ and then ‘edit my profile’. Here under ‘General’ there is a section named ‘Forum Auto-subscribe’; you will need to set this to 'No' to stop receiving emails.

    If you then post on the Forum, you will have the option to receive email copies of posts or not before you submit your comment. You will need to select your preference otherwise you will still receive email notifications.

  • ‘Who else is taking the course?’

    A list of the participants enrolled on the course can be found under ‘My Courses’ and on the course info on the right hand side. When you click on the course a list appears on the right of all the different sections and this includes the current participant list.

    The participant list tells you everyone who is enrolled on the course, shows their profile picture and basic details and when they last logged on. You can also use this list to contact other participants directly.

  • ‘Can I edit my personal details?’

    Yes. Under ‘settings’ on the left hand side, select ‘My profile settings’ and then ‘edit my profile’. Here you can change your personal details, your profile picture and other details about yourself.

  • ‘What can I do when I  have finished?’

    There is plenty to do when you have finished the ELearning course! For more information take a look at our training and project pages on our website.


Still stuck or have a question that is not listed above? Then please contact the NAS Head Office on: Telephone: +44 (0) 2392 818419


Last modified: Thursday, 21 January 2016, 4:01 PM