The NAS Education Programme

The NAS Education Programme has been delivering courses internationally for over 25 years. The programme provides not just an introduction to the subject but also offers people a chance to gain skills and experience, allowing them to take part in projects and fieldwork around the world.

The programme is open to everybody, requiring no prior learning or qualifications and the programme is designed to allow you to become as involved as you wish. The programme includes: eLearning, practical Skills Days, Maritime Archaeology courses, behind-the-scenes events, research opportunities, fieldwork and conferences. It also covers a wide range of topics and subject areas within maritime archaeology - there is something for everybody!

For more information on the Education Programme please visit the ‘Education’ pages of the NAS Website.

Why not learn from the comfort of your own chair with the NAS eLearning Programme?

Here you can learn the basic theory aspects of maritime archaeology whenever you like and from wherever you are in the world. For general information on what is covered in the NAS eLearning Courses please take a look at the courses page.

One year’s free membership is included with the Introduction to Maritime Archaeology course and certificate cards are awarded upon completion of each course to members of the Society. 

Who can get involved?

The eLearning Programme is open to anyone who is interested; no prior learning or qualifications are required and there is no age restriction on the course. 

Want to sign up?

Visit our eLearning Registration page to find out how to get started today or simply click ‘Log in’ at the top right hand corner.

What about after eLearning...?

Skills Days in the UK

Never done archaeology before? Our Recorder and Surveyor Skills Days are a great place to start and take place on land or underwater. Get in the field with our Recorder Day and learn how to record a site through sketching, photography and video, then on the Surveyor Day learn how to complete a 2D survey of a site and how to use a planning frame to produce a scale drawing.

These days compliment the eLearning Programme and you must complete the Skills Day associated with your eLearning Course if you wish to gain the credits for the course towards the NAS Foundation qualification.

Recorder Day goes with the eLearning Introduction to Maritime Archaeology
Surveyor Day goes with either the eLearning Intertidal & Terrestrial Archaeology or Underwater Archaeology course

You can complete the Recorder and Surveyor Days and then sign up for eLearning or you can sign up for eLearning and then complete your Skills Days. These practical courses are for anyone interested in maritime archaeology no matter what your age or previous experience, however, we ask that those who are under 16 are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

International Training Partners

The NAS also has many Training Partners around the world who offer local versions of our courses. So if you are interested in training outside of the UK, please visit our International pages to see if there is a Training Partner in your area. If there is no-one nearby, don't worry - if you have a group who are interested we can always come to you!

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